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What is No Mints Adventues ? Good question. We are not a club, or commercial company .... we are two retired people that love organizing trips for our friends and even strangers.  The trips are low key, somewhat organized, generally fun, sometimes exciting, and occasionally strenuous.  The trips are usually affordable .... mainly because we have no ambitions to make money off of them.  We expect participants to be self reliant and willing to accept that these trips are not run in a professional manner.  Below is a contact form for you to join our mailing list, sign up for a trip, or simply make comments, or ask questions.  Following the contact form is a list of the trips we plan to run with links to more details..   

Mailing List !  Trip Sign UP ! Comments !  Questions ?

  • Join Our Mailing List !  This is how we inform you of new trips and updates. You also can join a trip, make comments, and ask questions.  You may also contact us  directly by email or phone. 

Wayne Martin

Bishop, CA 93514


 List of Trips !

Trips - Ready to Go !


The following trips have been planned, organized, and ready to go. If you have any questions about any of them, or want to actually sign up for a trip, then fill out the contact form. Give us your contact information, and tell us in the comments area what trip you want to go on, or any questions or comments you might have.

Click on the trip name/link below so you can view, download, and print trip details. 

Trips - In the Planning Stage !

These are trips that we are considering in the future. Some of them may not have much information at this time. Others will have a lot of details, but we are not ready to put them in the "Ready to Go!" category.  If you think you might be interested in one of these outings, drop us a line in the comment section above, and we will place you on a "Special Mailing List" so that you will be sure to get the information for the trip as it is updated. 

Click on the trip name/link below so you can view, download, and print trip details.